AB Sport Massage

Physical Effect & Benefits

  • Pumping.
       Stroking movements along the flow of lymph and venous systems aids circulation, reduces blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Increased Tissue Permeability.
       Deep massage causes pores in tissue membranes to open, helping the exchange of fluids. improving the removal of waste products such as lactic acid.
  • Stretching.
       Massage stretches tissues that cannot be reached by other means. During massage, muscle bundles are stretched longitudinally and transversely, improving intramuscular circulation.
  • Breaking Down Scar Tissue.
       Deep friction massage helps return normal tissue tension by breaking down scar tissue and adhesions.
  • Improved Tissue Elasticity.
       During repetitive isometric exercise, muscle effort makes tissues hard & inelastic. Soft tissue can be pulled near to its maximal length and reclaim normal elasticity while under stress in certain positions.
  • Opening Micro Circulation.
       Performing deep massage . causes a release of vasoactive substances creating dilation of the vessels and new fluid to the tissues.

Physiological Effect & Benefits

  • Pain Reduction.
       Massage stimulates the mechano-receptors, causing release of endorphins, bloting out pain, reducing pain sensations and muscle tension.
  • Relaxation.
       During massage. the mechano-receptors sense touch, pressure, tissue length, movement and warmth and the connective tissues are stimulated.
  • Balancing Autonomous Nervous System.
       Through massage, we reduce muscle tension and nullify pain due to musculo-Skeletal disorders.
  • Psychological = Invigorating Feeling!
       Reduces Anxiety! Placebo Effect.