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Testimonial by:
Amanda B. -- L.R.A.D., A.R.A.D., A.LS.T.D., B.A. hons QTS

I have been teaching dance for twenty-three years and have had several major injuries in that time. This has meant that I have had personal experience of care from a range of health care personnel with specific interest in dance injuries. I believe Alan Brazier to have a high degree of integrity, expertise and honesty. He is a skilled practitioner, whom I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone. The work he does requires an absolute degree of trust between the therapist and the client and Alan has always made me feel comfortable and confident when he is working with me. He is able to create an excellent rapport with those he treats and has shown an excellent understanding of and sensitivity to the differing needs of his clients.

Alan has treated me for over six months. Initially this was to work on the recurrence of acute symptoms of a knee injury. The treatment was successful and the on-going body maintenance massage program that he has designed specifically for me and my physical regime means that the symptoms have not returned. He treated me intensively to begin with, tailoring the program to the needs of the injury and to fit with my work schedule.

Alan has also been exceptionally kind and prompt in helping me deal with another recent acute injury to my foot. which left me in plaster for a week. Not only has he overseen my recovery from the injury, providing massage and exercises to aid recovery, but also saw me at short notice in order to minimise the effects of the new stresses placed on my body by using crutches I believe that the speed of ninny recovery from both of these injuries this year has been largely due to Alan's skill in pinpointing the seat of the problems and his effective treatment of them. He has informed inc as to what he is doing at each stage of the treatment and has given me clear instructions to follow between treatments. He has made himself available on the phone to give me advice when I called in pain and followed my call up the next day to see how things were progressing. As a dancer, I know that I become tense and anxious when injured, partly through dealing with the pain "in the moment" and the worry that the injury will either be permanent or will take a long time to heal. Alan has shown great care and skill in dealing with this psychological aspect of injury care and has ~made me feel confident to use my body within given limits during the recovery process and has given me mental reassurance to move forward from injury.

I have found the maintenance massage program of great personal benefit. As a busy working mother, there is little time for "me". At the end of a massage I leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and able to face the world again. My daughter, who is now in the 6th form and under pressure from exams, has also benefited from a maintenance massage regime, finding that she is able to release her tension and study more effectively. I consider myself lucky to have found Alan Brazier, will continue to use his skills and endorse and recommend him.


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