AB Sport Massage

I have been treated by Alan Brazier for over 2 years. As a dancer in a mid scale touring company, performing a phyiscally demading repertoire, I am fully aware of the benefits of regular massage therapy. I have treatment every three weeks, where possible.

Over the last year I have experienced an improvement in the general well being of my muscles and a reduction in the number of new injuries, however minor, which usally present themselves.

Alan works with an effective combination of maintenance and rehabilitive massage techniques, depending on the body's needs and always emphersises the need for regular stretching. The treatment environment is relaxed and comfortable and Alan's manner is warm and chatty. I have every confidence in his skills.

Katherine K.


I had been training in readiness to walk the Inca trail. Very near to going I hurt my leg and Alan kindly treated and advised me how I could look after [the injury] to enable me to carry on and sucessfully complete the planned walk. I wish to thank Alan for all the advice he gave me and wish him well with his business.



I find having sports massage with Alan very beneficial. As a dance teacher I get tension in my neck and back as well as tightness in my calves. Where normal massage is very relaxing, sports massage goes alot deeper and irons out all the knots. In addition the stretches that Alan incorporates into your treatment leave limbs feeling more supple and mobile.

Katherine T.

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